After completing her international music studies Jolanda Becker founder of the Performance Academy Centurion opened the Jolanda Becker Vocal Lab in 2007 based in Centurion. The main focus being on achieving vocal excellence and developing the individual musician as  a whole package ready to take on the professional music industry.

Jolanda Becker has taught at various colleges including TUT - Musical Theatre Dept, TUT - Drama Dept, Stagedoor Showbusiness Academy, The South African Music Institute, whilst performing on national and international stages in various music productions and corporate functions. Her true passion is developing young and upcoming artists for the music industry.

Jolanda Becker focusses on developing vocal techniques across all the different genres of music from Rock to Opera, songwriting, playing an instrument, producing of songs as well as the producing of professional shows, artist development and vocal rehabilitations for injured voices. International music qualifications are also of high importance at the lab as we do the Royal School of Music - London, Trinity School of Rock - London and Unisa examinations throughout the year in order to give the students a qualification they can use in their musical career.


We have had many great success stories with numerous students getting recording deals and distribution deals at some of the biggest recording houses in S.A. as well as students performing on international and national stages in professional musical productions and television. Many international music scholarships was received from the best music departments in the world such as Berklee College of Music and New York Film Academy - Musical Theatre Dept. Many international singing competitions were also won. Please read our achievement section. 

Here at the Jolanda Becker Vocal Lab we focus on the individual artist and developing the artist's unique sound and package and give them all the tools to succeed in this tough music industry. Let this wonderful musical journey begin!


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