Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching in all genres of music ranging from Rock, Musical Theatre to Opera. Each student is encouraged to explore all the different genres and techniques . In lessons emphasis is placed on a good vocal technique and how to apply it to all the different type of songs. We work quite intensively in order to ensure a good technical base that will strengthen the voice, increase range, flexibility, agility and tone. Once the artists voice has moved into a particular genre that genre is developed and explored. The emphasis being on creating and developing the students own unique sound and building on that.


Each student is encouraged to write songs at the lab. Our youngest writer being 9 years old. It is a highly important part of every musicians career and also to develop the artists  own unique style and sound. Students are taught song structure, hookline development, lyric writing and the producing of the song until the final product. Again we explore all the different type of genres in music when writing specific songs. We also encourage each student to play an instrument as this helps immensely in the songwriting process.

Preparing for an EP or CD recording

We have helped numerous artists going into studio with the recording of their professional EP and CD studio recording. We also work extensively with various recording studios and SAMA award winning producers.  We also go into studio with the students to guide them whilst in the recording process.

Rehabilitation of Injured Voices

We have rehabilitated many industry professionals after their vocal operations resulting from vocal injuries due to vocal strain, improper vocal technique and vocal exhaustion during long show runs as well as frequent gigging. We take the student 2 weeks after their vocal operation and slowly strengthen the voice back to where the singer has fully recovered. This is a 12 week intensive program and we work hand in hand with the doctors to discuss the progress of the voice and any other problems that is picked up on during the rehabilitation process. Emphasis is given on proper vocal techniques that the singer should build on for future use.

International Music Exams

We are affiliated at all the international music examinations  such as Royal School of Music - London, Trinity Pop and Rock, Trinity Musical Theatre - London and Unisa. We are also affiliated to do all performance certificates and teachers qualifications equivalent to a university degree. All students are encouraged to get these qualifications.

Artist Development

Artist development is offered as a included service to our students. We look at how we can find a unique product and sound for each student and how to introduce them to the industry, finding their specific market. We do various showcases to give the students publicity and also introduce them to various  national and international talent agencies and put them in contact with record labels here in South Africa. We also encourage our students to collaborate with other musicians in order to get some new fresh ideas and explore different musical possibilities.

Producing of Shows

Each student is encouraged to produce their own shows or gigging line up. We work extensively with various theatres and performance venues in and around Gauteng. Musical guidance is given as well as guidance on how to construct the program as a whole product. The students also learn about marketing and the technical stage planning. From acoustic shows to cabaret shows we have done them all, so each student has total creative freedom to explore the package he wants to present to the industry.

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